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Trump-Russia inquiry: What might 'Mueller report' look like?

Now, at last, we will see the full manuscript of what the special counsel has discovered. Or maybe we won't.

21 February 2019
Anthony Zurcher North America reporter

Trump national emergency - A major land grab by the president

It undermines the powers of Congress and sets a dangerous precedent, says the BBC's Jon Sopel.

15 February 2019
Jon Sopel North America editor

Bill Clinton acquittal: Echoes of a sex scandal 20 years on

How Bill Clinton's impeachment - and acquittal - led to post-truth politics and President Trump.

8 February 2019
Nick Bryant New York correspondent

When Hispanic Americans vote, the US wins

Hispanics, which make up the largest minority group in the US, are the Holy Grail of American politics.

22 October 2018
Katty Kay Presenter, BBC World News

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